New NPackage binaries

May 16, 2010 at 06:57 PM | categories: NPackage | View Comments

I've shaved two yaks this weekend:

  • Ported the NPackage install command to F#. There shouldn't be any visible change in the application: rather, F# lets me write more succinct code for handling HTTP and package dependencies. (Specifically, I was able to replace a lot of my boilerplace C# code with a computation workflow that takes care of deciding which files need to be downloaded again and which ones can be left alone.)

  • Set up an instance of TeamCity to take the source code from GitHub and build binaries for me. This isn't a version 1.0 release yet, but you're welcome to download the binaries and help me test them.

Download the most recent NPackage binaries

PS last week I promised I'd implement package dependencies. I haven't done that yet.

PPS here's another .NET packaging system to look out for: Sebastien Lambla's OpenWrap

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