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I'm a big fan of virtual servers and I've always run this web site from one. Until recently I had it on a VMware instance on my home PC, although my recent experience with Amazon EC2 and a couple of large traffic spikes prompted me to move it.

In the end the process turned out to be pretty easy:

  1. Back up to Amazon S3 using duplicity:
  2. MySQL dump: mysqldump --all-databases
  3. /etc/apache2
  4. /var/www
  5. Start an EC2 small instance running AMI Ubuntu 9.04 (ami-ccf615a5)
  6. Restore from Amazon S3
  7. apt-get -y install apache2 duplicity libapache2-mod-perl2 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl mysql-server perlmagick python-boto
  8. Restore MySQL dump, /etc/apache2 and /var/www using duplicity
  9. Run MySQL script against the local instance
  10. Start Apache. Check whether the static HTML pages and Movable Type's admin interface work.
  11. Assign an Amazon elastic IP address to the EC2 instance. This gives me a static IP address that I can refer to from DNS.
  12. Remap the DNS alias (an A record and a CNAME record) via my ISP's web site
  13. Done!

I'm happy with the changes so far:

  • Performance has been fine: although publishing the site now takes 30 seconds not 15, I'm getting much better response times and bandwidth
  • I'm paying to run an EC2 instance full time whereas before I was just paying for home power bills
  • I'm not going to get shot by my ISP next time one of my posts appears on Reddit

The fact that I was taking daily backups made the move risk-free. It took a couple of attempts to get a working site on the EC2 server, but I was able to start a fresh instance and restore from backup each time. I also know that, if the site does fall over in future, restoring from backup will take a few minutes and I'll lose one day of data at most.

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